Gerry Adams, the IRA and Self-Policing in the Troubles.

The IRA tried and shot alleged sex-offenders in their communities it’s been claimed¬†tonight by none other than Gerry Adams, who is out and about – and on his Blog – explaining Sinn Fein’s position on so-called punishment beatings and also allegations of sex offenders in the ranks. At one stage he states that both he and Martin McGuinness were on the record opposed to such beatings ‘since the 1980s…’

That’s interesting.

Here’s my investigation into the punishment beatings… including – awkwardly for Adams – one which was *directly* linked to him by a mother of the victim – Andy Kearny – who was also related to hunger striker Bobby Sands. He was shot in 1998… more than a decade after Adams claims he was vocally against the practice.

Over a decade and a bit ago I travelled to a heavily guarded area of West Belfast where the press are not usually welcome. I was warned my safety was in doubt by senior Republican figures who knew what I was examining – the continuation of so-called ‘punishment beatings’ in Northern Ireland (on both sides of the sectarian divide). It was a complex and messy issue. There was plenty of blame to throw around. I spoke to victims and those connected with the issue. The more you dug into it, the murkier it became. One story always stuck with me – the murder of Andrew ‘Andy’ Kearney in 1998. He was a Republican murdered by Republicans. The details remain shrouded in claim and counter-claim and it wasn’t easy for me to establish the facts.

When I finally met the mother of the victim, Maureen Kearney, she told me that she demanded and received a meeting with Gerry Adams. Later the IRA told her her son had been accidentally murdered and that ‘they only meant to cripple him…’

‘How dare they…’ she told me. ‘How dare they say they only meant to cripple him…’

She died not long after I met her.

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