Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer is one of the world’s bestselling authors. His life is pretty well as complicated as some of his more outrageous plots. I’ve met him twice – before and after he was jailed (with a ridiculously long sentence in my view) – and this article was the outcome of our second meeting. Both times I was a guest at his famous ┬áPenthouse overlooking the Thames in London. I’ll be honest with you: first time I met him, I didn’t know what to make of him but the second occasion, he was a changed and more charming man. I know he’s a rogue – but I came away liking him nonetheless – and I hold admiration for his charity work. The superb photos were taken by Paul Stuart and I noticed recently that Archer used the main one on the jacket of the re-issued ‘Kane and Abel’. And talking of jackets, as I was leaving his apartment he held up my tweed jacket for me, as he did so he expressed admiration at how it looked and felt, I slipped it on and opened the jacket to point to the Ralph Lauren label. Lord Archer glanced at where I was pointing and said very sweetly, ‘I think Eamonn you’ll find that’s a stapled-on dry-cleaning ticket you’re showing me…’ It was. What a guy…

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