New Site Design & Content Coming Soon….

IMG_20151007_171250Firstly, thanks to everyone who has visited this site recently and who have taken the time to contact me regarding various stories, projects and other more private matters. I will do my utmost to respond as fast as I can and assist where possible.

I initially started this site a long time ago, as a professional calling card of sorts and as an archive of some articles that casual visitors and students I teach, both might find engaging. It was one of the first freelance journalist’s websites in the UK at the time but now it’s one of only many.

Times have changed and the nature of blogging and managing sites have changed too… We all now use the myriad other social platforms to park our thoughts and pass on links every day. But, in the background, the slog of work on private projects – whether for journalism or journalism-academic spheres – continue. So the usefulness of a website changes too.

Consequently, I have been reviewing how best to shape the site as time goes by and I will be managing it in a slightly more efficient and regular way in future. So, hopefully, there will be more Blog posts and more articles and links too. I plan to aim these at people interested in investigative based projects and the wider media in general. I won’t be a daily Blogger, since there are already plenty of those, so instead I’ll be shaping my comments and work for this site around projects I am working on and examining the work of others I find stimulating too.

So, there will be a new design coming soon, with some new content and fresh links to the kind of journalism across the media world that I like and recommend. So watch this space…

Thanks for visiting.